Customer journey map templates are an excellent tool for getting inside your customer’s heads and exposing areas of your business that need improvement.

If you have never used one in your business before, here is a look at what a customer journey map template is, why your organization needs one, and best practices for mapping the customer journey.

What is a Customer Journey Map Template?

A customer journey map template is simply a tool for visualizing an individual customer’s experience with your organization across multiple phases of their journey.

This typically includes the following stages of the sales cycle:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Delivery and Use
  • Advocacy

At each stage, you can evaluate the customer’s perspective by noting their goals, expectation, activities, touchpoints with your organization, and overall satisfaction with their experience. You can then evaluate your organization’s role in the experience by noting the business activities involved, the responsible departments, and the technologies utilized.

While journey mapping can be a helpful tool for managers to use on their own, the most effective customer journey mapping exercises utilize real input and research from actual customers.

Why Map Out the Customer Journey?

To see the world from your customer’s point of view

One of the main benefits of using a customer journey map template free is that it allows you to see the entire customer experience from your customer’s point of view. You probably already know your business operations inside out. However, by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, you are in a much better position to serve and delight them.

To help employees develop empathy for your customers

Having empathy for customers and their perspective is key to offering good customer service. By mapping out the entire customer journey, your employees are better able to see and understand what your customers go through. In turn, they can provide an improved customer service experience.

To identify pain points and areas of improvement

This is the ultimate goal of your customer journey map editable template. Customer journey mapping exercises expose areas of the business where customer expectations are not being met. As a business leader, you can then use this information to make necessary improvements.

Tips for Creating a Customer Journey Map

1.   Do some research ahead of time

Customer journey mapping exercises are the most effective when they are based on real research with real customers. Before setting out to complete your customer journey map template, try to gather feedback from existing customers. You can do this by taking surveys, conducting interviews, or hosting focus groups.

2.   Create one for each buyer persona

If your organization has multiple buyer personas, it is worth mapping out the customer journey for each persona separately. This can give you insight into specific pain points that each type of customer may have. If the same pain points occur across multiple personas, widespread changes may be necessary.

3.   Tailor to your industry

There is not a “one-size-fits-all” customer journey map for all industries. For example, an ecommerce customer journey map template free may be slightly different from a b2b customer journey map template.

To ensure that your customer journey map is relevant and useful for your company, don’t be afraid to tailor it to suit your exact needs. For example, you may want to dive deeper into certain stages within the sales cycle, or you may even want to adjust the evaluation criteria for each stage.

4.   Prioritize action points

After completing your customer journey map template pdf, make sure to include specific action points that you would like to take based on your findings. If you are feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done, try to prioritize tasks and action points based on what is needed the most.

5.   Revisit every 3-5 years

Customer expectations and the business environment can change fast. Always make sure to update and reevaluate your customer journey map regularly. For some companies, this can be once every few years. If your organization is growing or if you are in a fast-paced industry, you may need to revisit it more frequently.

Here’s a sample Customer Journey Map template that can be easily customized and adapted to meet your requirements. It’s free to download and use.

Download your FREE Customer Journey Map Template In .doc Word format

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