Our mobile applications

They allow for regular smartphones and tablets to be used as professional tools

Turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a Time Clock!

You do not have to buy an expensive work time tracker in order to enjoy automation of basic processes within your company.

Mobile work time tracking application

Identification via QR codes

Just approach a smartphone/tablet with the QR code - it will be identified automatically. The cost of printing the QR card is less than 1 cent! For comparison, RF card costs around $2.

Photos and GPS location

Every event send by staff is marked with GPS location and a photo - bye, bye buddy punching.

Suggests work status

Employees don't have to choose work status manually, the app does it for them.

Lock the app

The administrator's password is required to turn off the app.

Works even without Internet connection

All data will be sent when there is an Internet connection.

Mobile app for employees

Manage everything directly from your phone

Mobile Apps Time Tracker

Time Tracker

Turn your phone into a Time Clock! Punching in (clock in, clock out and additional statuses) with the location and preview of the work time.

Employee Scheduling

Preview of assigned schedules including weekends and holidays.

Absence Management

Preview of the quantity of available and taken vacations, submitting applications, preview of all applications and their statuses.

Account Management

We offer an option of adding a photo directly from the phone (selfie), changing personal data and password.